Real time monitoring of water loop temperatures at Burnham Station.

The current WSHP temperature is 39.6°F.

The official Chicago temperature is: 45.61°F. The temperature measured on-site is 46.9°F, reported at 09:27 am on 10-25-2020.

Record of water loop temperature. The design operating limits for the in-unit heat pumps is a supply water temperature of between 60°F to 90°F. We are automatically notified by email if the water loop temperature falls below 60° or rises above 90°F (this record is for the last week).

In-unit inlet and outlet temperature monitoring. The outlet temperature reflects transfer of heat between the in-unit HVAC system and the building water loop – a temperature rise in case of cooling operation, and a temperature drop in the case of heating (this record is for the last two days).